SCREW PRESS (Sludge Dewatering)

The sludge press SD is designed to dewater the sludge coming from municipal and industrial wastewater and to obtain a dryness varying from 18 to 25%.

The sludge is pushed by the conveying screw through the wedge-wire drums; during this phase the flocculated sludge loses water thank to the progressive reduction of the volume of the chamber, which is determined by the special conical shape of the spiral shaft and the variation of the spiral pitch.

The cleaning system, which operates both from inside and outside the drums, keeps the wedge wire clean and efficient.

The main advantages are as following:
• very high value / money ratio compared to other dewatering systems
• the extremely simple installation and operation
• the extremely simple maintenance

In the most common installation and operational situation, maintenance consists of brushes replacement after 2 years from installation.