The state of the art in the thickening solutions for municipal and industrial sludge.

To solve the problem of sludge thickening, TEKNOFANGHI proposes SCRUDRAIN® dynamic thickeners with Archimedean screw inside. SCRUDRAIN® is placed before plate filter presses, belt filter presses, centrifuges and drying beds, to achieve higher dry solids concentrations before dewatering.  Our thickener is also used to increase the sludge concentration before biogas reactors or just as filters to remove coarse material such as fibres in the textile industries. The concentration of D.S. in the outlet from the sludge thickener can be achieved by changing the speed of the Archimedean screw (e.g.: sludge with 0.5 – 3% D.S. can be thickened to 5 – 15% D.S.).

• Municipal wastewater
• Industrial wastewater
• Food and beverage,
• Dairy farms and slaughterhouses
• Wineries and breweries
• DAF sludge
• Chemical industry
• Paper mill
• Drinking water, river and lake water
• Mineral, ceramic, glass
• Ground water remidiation
• Oil sludge
• Biogas