Multi rake screen KHU KN

Multi-rake screen KHU KN is a variation of the flat-bar technology with inclined/raked and fixed sieve. In a unique manner, the screen combines increased screen area/zone caused by flat installation angle with modifiable velocities of cleaning.

This screen is basically separated into two function unities: a flat inclined separation unit and the standardized transport and discharge system.

The benefits delivered by the KHU KN become especially clear after new rain ends long dry weather periods with a sudden upsurge in screenings as channels are cleared by water. A targeted intervention in the sieve prevents chronic clogging or shifting of the screen area/zone in raw wastewater, especially as gap widths become narrower and narrower.

As a result of the flat installation angle, the screenings are separated gently at the rake and picked up and discharged by clearing bars.

This rake version is able to resolve a sudden overload or clogging of clearing bars (e.g. stones or blanks) through independent reversal of the direction of rotation, because of the proven technology of the multi-rake screen. Moreover, the KHU KN can be used successfully with relatively low water levels in deep or very deep channels.