Wash Press

The ESP wash press and compactor combines two operations: washing, compacting of screenings.
It can be placed directly under the screen, with a properly designed hopper, or fed with a conveyor. In some application, it can be fed directly by a launder channel.

The machine consists of inlet hopper connected with a tubular section (draining section) with a perforated bottom for water discharge; The hopper can be equipped with a supplementary washing system in order to increase the organic matter removing.

Along the transport section, a nozzles system performs the screenings washing, until the compacting section.

The spiral inside the unit is provided with plastic and bolted brushes, to ensure the draining section to be always cleaned and avoid any water overflow. The spiral is connected to the drive by means of a shaft and a mechanical sealing unit avoids leakages and protects the drive.

The compacting counterforce is realized by means of a “trunk” shaped discharge pipe.

The end of the trunk pipe can discharge directly inside a bin or can provided with a continuous bagging system.

The high compacting rate and the high degree of screenings washing, allows to reduce disposal costs and odor problems, which is nowadays becoming a priority since most of the wastewater treatment plant are close to the cities or towns.

The unit can be manufactured in many combination of 304; 316 and high strength carbon steel, the body being usually 304 or 316; for special applications Simeco can provide other materials like AISI 904 or Duplex stainless steel.

The main advantages are as following:
• The high efficiency and high degree of screenings cleaning
• Reduction of odor problems and disposal costs
• The simplicity
• The extremely simple installation
• The extremely simple maintenance

In the most common installation and operational situation, there is no maintenance in the first 2 or 3 years of operation.

Mainly maintenance consist of very easy operation to be perfomed on site with a very little down time for the machine.

Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control pannel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.