Step Screen

The STH machine is a step screen suitable for in channel installation. The STH Simeco step screen is designed to achieve the best performance and durability with the less possible weight.

The step screen consists of a filtration area made with two sets of alternated lamellas with a predetermined spacing.

The Step screen can be considered the best equipment for fine screening.
One set of lamellas is fixed and connected with bolts at the step screen frame; while the other set connected to a moving frame, the frame being driven by a chain system.
Both fixed and moving lamellas are shaped like a stair.
The lamellas hold the particles, creating an occlusion that generates a rise in the up-stream level; at this point movable lamellas start moving, moving upward the particles until they reach the discharge chute.

The main advantage of this kind of machine is the capability to treat a very high flow rate, realizing a very fine filtration (2 mm in the lower limit); further more it can be design to fit wide channels (this is something hardly achievable with other equipment).

Another important point about Simeco Step Screen is its self-cleaning feature; upon request a supplementary washing system at the discharge can be installed: this will also improve the discharge efficiency and the screenings cleaning, helping to reduce the odor problem at the screenings disposal.

In order to reduce the overall weight, usually the upper lamellas are made of HDPE, but upon request it can be manufactured all in SS

Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control panel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.