Externally Fed Drum Screen

EFD is an equipment for solid liquid separation. It consist of a rotating drum screen supported from un side by means of a supporting bearing and at the other side by the drive itself, and a supporting tank which acts like a frame, which is shaped in a particular way to realize an overflow chamber in the back of the drum and a discharge tank at the bottom.

The waste water moves toward the overflow chamber; inside the chamber the water level rises until a pre-set height where a distribution system help the water to spread uniformly on the external surface of the rotating drum. The water flows through the drum mesh while particles remain on the drum’s surface. Opposite side there is a scraper, or blade, in contact with the drum surface that removes particles that are conveyed to the discharge bin by gravity.

Inside the drum there is a washing system fed by high pressure water and directed toward the blame: such spray bar helps the screening to detached from the drum surface and be removed by the blame itself. The washing system is controlled by a solenoid valve and is operated by the main control panel.

In case of drum clogging or peak flow higher than design flow, the tank is provided with a overflow system. On the tank side there is also an inspection cover, sealed with rubber strip, that makes cleaning very easy.

The unit can be manufactured in 304; 316

The main advantages are as following:
• the high efficiency
• the simplicity
• the extremely simple installation
• the extremely simple maintenance

In the most common installation and operational situation, maintenance consists of blade after 2 years from installation. Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control panel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.