Vortex Grit Removal

Simeco’s SVG, vortex grit removal is a machine used to separate solid (in this case grit) from liquid. It consists of a drive head, containing drive, gears and reducers, a tubular shaft connected to a puddle, and a paddle shaped in a proper way to generate the vortex effect. The length of the tubular shaft depends on the tank size (see subsequent explanation); likewise the dimension of the puddle is designed to fit the tank.

The mechanism is placed in a tank which is divided in three parts:
• The upper parts is cylindrical (the bigger cylindrical part), and is connected to the inlet and outlet channels; here the paddle, placed in rotation by the drive head generates the vortex effect which increases the settlement of grit;
• Below this main cylindrical part there is a conical part which convey the settled grit to the lower cylindrical part;
• In the lower cylindrical part, the grit is accumulated and subsequently removed.

The tank can be made of stainless steel for diameters up to 3 m, while bigger dimensions require concrete made tank.

The grit accumulated at the bottom can be removed mainly in two ways:
• Using a traditional air lift which requires a blower to be installed aside
• Using a grit pump: in this case the pump can operates from the top of the drive head or under the water level, outside the tank, depending on the plant lay-out.

Usually Simeco’s vortex grit separator is coupled with a grit classifier SGC to separate the grit from the grit/water mixture, or with a grit washer and classifier SWG, in case it is required to remove also organic matters.

Commonly the vortex grit removing can be made in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316

The main advantage of this system is the capability to treat high flowrates with high efficiency and very little footprint, compared to other solution. Also, it requires very little and easy maintenance. All these things together make the Simeco vortex solution the best in terms of cost reduction and efficiency.

In some applications, the Simeco’s vortex grit separator can be provided with a grease removing system. Ask more information contacting us at info@www.simecoeng.com

Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control panel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.