Grit Washer

Simeco’s SGW grit classifier is a machine for solid liquid separation used to remove grit from water and to wash the extracted grit in order to reduce the odor problem when the grit has to be disposed.

It is commonly used to treat grit coming from a movable bridge or an air-lift system, but has a wide range of application in septage acceptance pre-treatment systems because its ability in grit cleaning.

Simeco’s grit washer and classifier consist of a conical hopper and a screw conveyor. The conical hopper is provided with a volute shaped inlet to increase the water velocity before it enters the hopper.

Inside the hopper, a stirrer with special helical blade system realizes the vortex effect that increases the grit settlement. The separated grit accumulates at the bottom of the conical hopper and is washed by special washing system with special rubber made membrane.

The grit passes from the hopper to the screw conveyor trough by means of the lower part of the stirrer, than is conveyed to the outlet bin by means of a shafted screw conveyor.

The trough of the extraction screw is protected by a wear-resistant coating.

The main manufacturing features of Simeco’s SGW are:
Screw: stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
Structure: stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
Trough Protection: stainless steel wearing bars.
Inlet Flow Rate: up to 100 m3/h


• Municipal sewage
• Industrial wastewater

Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control panel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.