Grit Classifier

Simeco’s SGC grit classifier is a machine for solid liquid separation used to remove grit from water. It is commonly used to treat grit coming from a movable bridge or an air-lift system.

Simeco’s grit classifier consist of a shaftless screw conveyor provided with a big sedimentation hopper, including inlet / outlet flanged spouts. Inside the machine, a special designed baffle system allows the water to follow a precise path to increase the sedimentation performance.

The settled grit accumulates at the bottom of the hopper and is removed by a shaftless screw conveyor.

The trough of the extraction screw is protected by a wear-resistant coating HDPE or in bars of stainless steel.

The main manufacturing features of Simeco’s SGC are:

Screw: high strength carbon steel or stainless steel AISI 304 or 316

Structure: stainless steel AISI 304 or 316

Trough Protection: HDPE liner or bolted stainless steel wearing bars.

Inlet Flow Rate: up to 100 m3/h

Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control panel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.


• Municipal sewage
• Industrial wastewater