Advanced Combined Pre-Treatment Unit

CBU is used to pre-treat wastewater before entering the WWTP. It performs three operations: screening; grit removing; grease removing.

Wastewater passes through the screen, where bigger particles are removed: the screw screen also washes and compacts the screenings before discharge. Inlet screen can be a spiral screen

TSS or SSS type; a rotary drum screen TR type, and the screen tank can be provided with a by-pass tank with manual screen inside. The screen basket or the screen drum can be made of perforated plate or wedge wire.

Wastewater flows toward the settling tank, where the grit sedimentation takes place. In order to improve this process a special baffle is used to obtain a laminar flow as well as to reduce the temperature gap.

Settled grit is collected toward the accumulation pit and then removed by an inclined screw conveyor.

Suspended particles, such as oil, grease and other matters, are removed by a chain driven paddles system acting on the whole surface of the water tank. This increases the removal efficiency, much more compared to traditional side lateral channel.

A special diffuser type is used to generate micro bubble; the use of this diffusers allow to achieve an even more efficient oil and grease separation.

The particular design of this type of unit allows to realize a modular arrangement, so the unit can be increased in dimension even after installation.

The unit can be manufactured in stainless steel grade 304 or 316, with spiral in carbon steel or stainless steel and or many combination of the materials.

Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control panel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.