Activated Carbon Filter

ACF is used in air purification in waste water treatment plant to avoid odor problems.

Malodorous emissions from wastewater treatment processes are related to gaseous compounds from the decomposition of organic matter and sulfur by bacteria.

The effects on people linked to the smell are mainly psychological, but can get to cause physical problems such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite.

In recent years, the odor control has become an important issue in the design of waste water treatment plants, especially in the evaluation of environmental compatibility and to obtain the approval of the population to the construction of facilities near towns.

There are many ways to reduce odor problems along the treatment steps, and among these, in the final steps activated carbon filter is used.

In Simeco’s ACF activated carbon filter, the air is conveyed through a bed of activated carbon which is well known for its ability in removing organic matters by adsorption due to the huge contact surface available (1 gr of carbon has 500 m2 of surface).

When required, the ACF unit can be provided with two fans to convey air, in order to have a duty-stand by configuration. This to avoid any down time in case of fan’s failure.

As special feature
, and H2S sensor can be installed at the exhausts discharge chimney in order to determine the exact time for carbon replacement.

The material of construction can be hot galvanized mild steel or stainless steel grade 304 or 316; when it’s needed, other kind of steel can be used (duplex or AISI 904)