SIMECO Multi-Rake Bar Screen

The MBS multirake bar screen consists of a filtration area made with bars with a predetermined spacing depending on the specifications, and a movable rake, or set of rakes, that clean the filtering area and convey the captured screenings toward the discharge chute.

This is a traditional and very well known equipment and this make it a very realiable and consistent one.

The working logic is the following: the bars hold the particles, thus create an occlusion that generates a rise in the up stream level; at this point go into action combs (rakes) operated by chains, which remove the screenings and bring them to toward discharge point.

A mechanical arm system ensures the complete cleaning of the comb during the screenings discharge and before their move toward the filtering area when the cycle starts again.

Simeco’s unique design, without lower sprockets, avoids any comb’s problem or blockage due to screenings accumulation. Also prevent the equipment from very difficult maintenance which would require the screen to be pulled out from the channel.

A particular terque limit system, mechanical type, prevent chain problems in case of uncontrolled size objects reach the screen. For an even more safety arrangement, the mechanical torque limit system can be coupled with an electrical system to control the motor’s absorbed power.

The most common installation is in channel, but for special cases it is possible to insert in a tank

The material of construction can be stainless steel 304 or 316, and on demand can be duplex stainless steel. Upon request the comb can be made of HDPE or UHMWPE

The main advantages are:
• Clog free machine
• High flow capacity
• Easy maintenance
• Easy installation

Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control panel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.