SIMECO In Channel Screw Screen

CSS and SSS screw screens with and without compactor are used for solid-liquid separation and combine two operations: filtration and compacting.

They feature a screen basket, that can be made of perforated sheet or wedge wire, that acts as a filter, followed by the tubular transport section that can end with a compacting/dewatering modulus that can be provided with a chute or a bagging system.

Screenings are conveyed by a shaftless screw, provided with bolted plastic brushes in the screen basket section, to keep the basket clean, till the compacting dewatering section where both the volume and the weight are reduced (up to 40%).

The machine is usually placed inside a channel of suitable width.

The screen CSS or SSS is suitable for channel installation, for a channel width up to 850 mm. they can be manufactured in different combination of stainless steel and high strength carbon steel, the stainless steel being grade 304; 316 or Duplex, while the spiral can be carbon steel, 304, 316.

Many optional can be added to the basic machine configuration: additional or custom made discharge chutes; washing system for the basket and/or for the transport section.

As standard supply, the compacting modulus is provided with a washing system to eliminate odor problems. Each washing system can be operated mayally or with a solenoid valve.

The main advantages of this kind of equipment are the following:
The high efficiency
The simplicity
The extremely simple installation
The extremely simple maintenance

In the most common installation and operational situation, maintenance consists of brushes replacement after 2 years from installation. Simeco’s unique auxiliary pivoting system allows to simplify this operation and make it possible to be performed on site even from untrained personnel.

Upon request the unit can be supplied provided with a control panel, which can be electromechanical or PLC controlled.