Spare Parts

Spare – Wear Parts Service

We at MARDAS provides our customer with the possibility to manufacture spare and wear parts locally, with low cost and less lead time in order to cope with tight schedules and savings on expenditures.

New Parts & Repaired Parts

We ensure the fastest possible delivery to our customers for new, refurbished or repaired parts for their requirements. MARDAS ensures that the parts delivered to our clients are high quality (OEM-quality) parts. With lead time of min. 1-day we can deliver the parts to our customer throughout the GCC.


  • Tailor made parts to customer’s requirements.
  • 24/7 availability of the parts on contract basis
  • Next day delivery throughout the GCC
  • Immense savings on investment.

We repair your components – quickly, efficiently, andreliably

Our Repair service is aimed at offering you the simplest solution to keep your costs as low as possible: Having your components repaired is up to 50% more economical than buying new ones. And while parts repair is routine work at Siemens Mobility, we always see to it that your components are repaired to the highest quality standards and ready for re-use within the shortest possible delay.