Special Metallic Gaskets

Metallic gaskets represent the technically optimal solution for difficult sealing problems with large-scale pipe forces and moments, high pressures, vacuum and/or high temperatures where the smallest leakage and a minimum differential of radial expansion.

Lens Rings Gaskets

Lens Ring Gaskets are usually produced according to DIN 2696 standard, although customer design is also possible.
Lens Rings have a spherical surface and are suitable for use with conical flange faces. However, ASME B16.5 and other flange types can be modified to accept the Lens Ring.

Delta Ring Gaskets

Delta Ring Gaskets are similar to Lens, but in this case the internal pressure of the vessel acts on gaskets to further improve the sealing. This particular gasket always needs to be specifically designed by engineers.

Weld Ring Gaskets

Weld Ring Gaskets consist of two similar rings of special shape, which are welded to each other and to their mating flange. All welding is conducted upon flange assembly on the outside of the gasket and flange, thus ensuring ease of location, especially in restricted applications where space is limited. An auxiliary gasket (SPW, cam-profile) is often used during hydro-test. For chemical compatibility and in order to ensure controlled thermal conductivity and weld compatibility, the gasket material must always be the same as the flange material.

Norsok Ring Gaskets

Norsok Ring Gaskets have been developed by the Norwegian Petroleum Industry, and are quite similar to style RX RTJ gasket. Fabricated in accordance to Norsok L-005 specification, they often have a PTFE coating to avoid surface corrosion.

Air Cooler Plugs / Gaskets

When a cooler has a “plug header”, it is recommended that plug and gasket are manufactured together. Our special gasket for Air Cooler Plug significantly reduces the required bolt load, thus improving the sealing and the lifetime of the equipment.